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Low Energy Suckers

Some situations I really have a hard time with in my life at this time. . Yelling I can’t stand yelling in any form. People who don’t change anything about themselves or the situations they are in. Being around people that drink heavily. See people trying to control and control situations.

So why do I feel theses ways . Well truthfully maybe I see some of my old self in theses feelings and that makes me nervous. As well as what I call it the circle of craziness that I was involved in for many years of my life .

I still need to learn that when I’m talking with people I can’t be as honest as I want because it does hurt feelings.

But I think I need to really have more boundaries and tell what I don’t care about and that way there is no misunderstandings.

And this does come from love deep down everything in my mind .

So I kinda lost my self there for a min . Think with love in all your thoughts. Listen to that voice but also understand some situations need to be changed for our own good as humans. We need to protect our inner peace and let go of this that disturb us.

Much love to you

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Smile More

Sitting and thinking remembering old times and reflecting on what I’ve learned is not always a pleasant thing to do . Learning how my ego controlled most of my life makes me sick and sad that I wasted so much time stuck in myself.

But Im happy to be on a good path now . Each day is a challenge, but one I take with God in my heart as my guide .


Life is this world is not always fair , so it’s very important to use that guid in you. That inner voice .


At this moment I’m on a good path but also a little scared and low in my energy. It’s sucks because everyday isn’t all the best .


I find meditating is a great source of positive energy for me. I take 4 -2 min breaks a day .

To clear my head and to think on everything important and how to handle to stressful stuff .

It’s better than jumping to answers like the ego loves to do .

Smiling is important to me as well. I can’t explain the feeling to you when you smile at some one . It touches your soul when someone smiles back .

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I love you …………..

How can I make you feel and see like me ?

Think about this question it’s a wonderful and confusing one .

My first reply would be I can’t make you see or do anything. With that being said , maybe an answer could be I can only tell you that it’s in you as well .

tBut the truth is I can’t . I can just show the world my love . I can only have love in my heart. Because for me pain and suffering almost killed me . It took me to lows in the world that hurt and scared me . The world was mine. Now the world is a gift from God because I see his creations and mine in a different light . The truth is there’s nothing without Love.

Love is the only answer. Much love to you



Programmed is all of the world today. Again programmed we are all basically programmed to be in a society. Countries fight countries and people hurt people . Religion tells us one thing but disagrees with other religions:

Humans class people by color , sex , and so on open the paper and you’ll see .

It’s 2018 and the sheep are still asleep walking around like zombies . All for the power or money they think they need to be the perfect human .

And even when we think where all put together where not because we have put all the stress on ourselves , are bodies start to break down and it’s over .

We have to live in this world. We have to follow are hearts and know this is wrong . We have to make changes before we loose everything including Earth .

The greed and power of this world is destroying Earth. Climate change is real and is happening all around the world at this very moment.

The media makes it out to be a movie on the news it’s on 24 hrs when a massive storm moves in. And our own president tells society it’s not true . Sheep listen

We live in scary times because it’s happening faster . We live in a world now with social media that’s destroying kids minds and adults . It’s become a world of competition for our youth it’s becoming a competition in the world . So while the sheep sit and wait the world is being destroyed by all the greed .

I don’t really get it anymore. My life and my heart love this world. I love Gods creations I love this Earth and I love humans because we are all the same created eternal.

Each day I feel my heart with love. And yes I have to deal with the shit of this world we all do . But if you put love in your heart and practice love and kindness the world would and could be a happier place for all of God’s creations. Much love to you.

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In sickness

Today the meds I had to get our healing my body . My mind has been fine and that’s what did give me a little fear and wisdom. Our bodies are a vessel for our souls and of this world. And with sickness is this world our bodies age ,get sick , suffer and die .

Just the vessel dies for we where created eternal and that’s such a gift of love .

So where I’m going with this is , life is present and now , tomorrow is never promised we need to free some of the stress the world puts on us and love ourselves.

When my body was sick I keep my mind strong and told myself your fine. I wasn’t because where separate from the body we have a soul.

Positive energy and love can and will save your mind and your path in this world , but in civilization the way it is our bodies get sick

Love your life express your love. Everything with Love in your heart ,  will form  the energy of love.

I’m healing now and that’s a wonderful thing. I also learned to value everyday with my family’s and friends people that share my love of life and family and the power of now.

Much love to you.