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Stress the fight

As I write this today I’m under mass stress in my Life . And as I sit here I’m listing to negative comments coming and going from my mother . Yes I had to pick up my mother from Az to come live in Texas . She is a drinker or at times , a drinker for many years . It has hurt our family in so many ways .

So here I am sitting taking abuse and stress that I can hardly handle at times . She puts people down and hurts feelings .

So what do we do when life throws us Stress ?

Tools Tools . Feel our heart with love and go to battle I guess . I’m trying this is truly a test for me . And I ask you that follows me to please pray for me .

Everyday in life we are faced with stress and situation that hard for us to deal with , and some days it really runs me down and hurts my soul .

But using tools and Love in your heart is the only way to make it out alive .

I truly Love my mother I do but its like a child in away and I need to be calm and caring in my words and actions .

Life is a battle at times not going to lie about that . And sometimes we snap or say hurtful things , but with love and God in you heart ,life has many blessing in it so I take one day at a time to focus  on the good in my life and the Love and that gives me the energy and love for the fights that life has at times .

My Mother is a women whose life is based on Fear,Greed,selfless,  This is what she has become in  life and I’m not going to lie It sucks at times and is very very hard on me .

But one day at a time right?

I will fight to show her Love imgres-32I will offer the tools I use in life I will do all this because well I was called to do it . And I will with Love in my heart ….

Much Love to you all




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Path ?

There are so many we can follow or make our own. But the path you make for yourself might now always be based in love or even with love in your heart.  

Many people believe that their path is right and you must follow it as well to have happiness . That’s  why there so many self-help books and get rich  tricks . Believe   me finding your true path in life is the best answer .

So how do I find my true path in life with happiness and peace in this world ? 

Heres the easy answer always in all you do go with your heart . But can the heart lead you in the wrong direction ? Yes 

Because if you don’t listen to your heart the little voice that tells you right from wrong . You can still easily get on the wrong path , still thinking without listing to the voice in your heart . 

Who’s he voice ?  In my life its God the creator of all. The holy Spirit is in my heart at almost all times in my life now , it took hardship to get here but I’m here and Im free from my past . I truly believe with true love in our hearts the world would be a better place , all humans would be treated equal and the world could be beautiful …


This was Short today more to come   Much Love to you download


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Your Will

My heart hurts and my mind is going crazy . And I wonder if you know everybody you’re hurting or if you even care . I love you and have known you my whole life . I have helped and always been there for you but you don’t seem to want help. 

My father was in this same position 3 years ago praying and begging for help. Even when he passed away I thought the demon was gone from you . 

I pray for your soul and for God to have mercy on you. I know how much you love us I do and that kills me inside .

Fear and resentment has controlled your life ,  I just don’t understand why and probably never truly will. I will find comfort in the fact that you wont be so scared of the world and  demons will be at rest .

I know how much you worried about us when you where young . And how you took care of us and ill always be grateful for that .

I will miss laughing with you and seeing you smile . I have many good memories of you . But I also have seen this disease Kill you from the inside out and to me you’re a shell that I’m trying to fix , I can’t help you anymore , Dads gone and now I’m losing you .

I know your scared of life and people in the family are passing away but you have so many blessing in life and a big beautiful family that loves you .

I love you Mom I always will but hurting all of us so bad .

Alcoholism Not only kills the ones you love ,  It hurts the family in so many ways . We have done everything And I will continue to pray for a miracle , I know for a fact God loves you and can help with all your problems if you just listen , don’t be scared of faith, and always listen to your heart I love you Mom with all my heart .

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Life Is Hard . Deal With It ..

2541639-C-C-Hunter-Quote-Life-s-hard-Love-s-harderWhy is life so hard at times ?

Life in its self  is what we perceive that’s a Hard concept for us to understand . Life begins the day we are born into this world . When we cry for the first time we make our mark on the world .

So when does life get hard ? Life is never hard. Situations are hard and that makes life hard as well.;

So really is life every hard ? Nope only situations in LIFE .

So how can we make the best for our life . Understanding when we can first sit back and look for answers we are more prepared for the day , world, and our Life.

I have learned many answers form listing without a reaction , Understanding .

But each day I stumble to many worldly things and emotions . I have a big mouth and it can get me in all kinds of trouble . 

We are born in a human body a vessel for our soul. The world has some very crazy shit going on in it . Emotions are always running high , and everybody wants things and to go places and to brag and be better than other Humans , really sad when you think of it .

I know I babble on here but like I said this is Therapy for me . 

Life is hard deal with it .

Yes life . what you create , but that all starts with our understanding and Knowledge

So where the hell im I going with all this . Well I think many people stumble everyday through life and we need tools to focus our minds to the right place . I believe everything should be done with Love in the heart 

I also believe we should open our hearts to forgive truly forgive people other humans that we call our enemy . Forgiveness can help our soul in so many ways . You don’t have to forget but forgiveness is the key . 

I myself have made parts of my Life very hard . And thanks to waking up , I’m now using the holy spirit and my tools to be a better person , A person with Love first and foremost in my Heart . Love and Understanding .

Still many days I wake up depressed and sad , really for no reason , but I still put love in my heart . I’m not a pro on life but Im using tools That God gave me and that where always there for me .

Much Love To You

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Dear Kaelyn ,

Happy Birthday , Maybe you want to hear from me and maybe you don’t . I get it but I want you to know not one day has gone by that i havent thought about you and your well-being . First of all I never did anything improper to you or inappropriate to you or illegal .

But I have a theory why Your family didn’t want me around,

Your family didn’t care for me and I don’t blame them at all . I was an ego driven immature man . Your mom would call me a man-child and yes that was truly who I was .

I was mean and hurtful , Verbally Abuses  to your mom I was a pice of shit truly .

When I first meet your mom we enjoyed a local bands in Long Beach fun times but at that time I was drinking a lot and just thought I was to cool. Me and your mom got married a year later , we did have a very nice wedding your mother put that all together but of course I passed out at the end not very romantic .

As time went by I couldn’t hold jobs very long and the stress of this was hard on your mom and this lead to fighting ,  In that time you came along That was a very happy day and scary as well your mom had to have a C-section . I wanna tell you we had a wonderful life  be we didn’t . Things got worse over time .

I was a looser as a husband and as a father back than there’s no way for me around that

And I so very sorry that I was that way to your family on your mom’s side .

Kaelyn what I wanted out of this letter is to tell you. Since the day you were born I have loved you . I have missed you for 13 years . I have seen pictures of you that your brother sends to me . And you look happy .

I live in Texas now with your brother and sister violet and Jake . And have a beautiful women as my partner for the last 7 years . Your brother Tyler and Heather live a couple of miles away And yes I have a grandchild and another one on the way .

If you care I’m  nothing like the person I was in the past .  There was no way I could go on with the  ego I had .

I now enjoy my life with a happy heart still sad about my past but a much better person . I enjoy the small things in life and I belive in Love being the only answer in Life .  I lost my Dad your grandpa 3 years ago . It was so hard on me , but it made me value life so much more , I love you Kaelyn, you’re a beautiful young lady . I also understand your Gay very happy for you I truly am I know in this crazy world that might have been hard for you but I totally proud of that .

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